Message from the President


FYH INC. President Yasukazu Kobayashi
PresidentYasukazu Kobayashi

Before the world war Ⅱ, in order to realize the dream of creating a machine parts factory, Tamotsu Kobayashi, the first president, worked at a town factory in the daytime and went to night school to study the machine at night. After the end of the war, in 1946, he established “Kobayashi Tekko” with his brothers, and he were able to fulfill his long-standing dream. Since the start of the production of the Pillow Block Units (insert bearing Unit) in 1950, we have continued our journey as a leading manufacturer of Pillow Block Units that support the growth of global industry.
In order to meet the needs of the increasingly diversified machines and equipment, we have begun to produce units such as small and lightweight units, stainless steel, and ceramic series, and have received a high reputation from all industries, by superimposing ingenuity in materials and shapes.
In our company, we have built a system that does not generate defective products by in-house development and manufacture of production facilities, and we maintain a 90% internal manufacturing rate. In addition, this system is prepared to respond quickly to changes in the times.
In the production process, we are actively engaged in environmental protection and resource saving, such as recycling cutting debris to the limit.

“FYH INC.” is to protect the deep affection for the product of the founder, and to protect the important trust from the visitor today.
“FYH INC.” will strive to create new value for a constantly changing future by working together to protect and practice this spirit, aiming at 100% satisfaction of the user needs.