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In 1950, we embarked on the production of Pillow Block Unit (Rolling Bearing Units), and since then we have been a leading manufacturer of Pillow Block Unit that supports the growth of global industry. At our production plant, which is integrated with advanced technology, we operate the production line for the FYH original self-aligning bearings and automate everything from processing to quality control.
In addition, the tolerances for bearing finishes are more stringent than the standards of Japan industrial standards, and the FYH brand bearings can be fully responsive to demanding conditions such as high-speed rotation.
There are about 700 kinds of standard bearings and 300 housings. These combination of thousands of Pillow Block Units make a big contribution to the industrial world. Taking advantage of the advantage as a specialized manufacturer, Pillow Block that can withstand the severe environment such as heat resistance, corrosion and dust-proof in addition to standard products, and in recent years, it also corresponds to the user needs that have become increasingly diversified, compact lightweight unit (Clean series), We are highly acclaimed for the production of various units such as stainless steel series and ceramic series.

FYH continues to be the pioneer in the technology design of Pillow Block Units in order to produce bearings and housings from materials to completion. This is one of the ideal fitting for a bearing, which is called “J fitting”, which is obtained by FYH’s proprietary internal bore processing. The roundness of the housing bore and the tolerance of the sphericity are smaller than other company’s designs. This feature allows the bearing unit to withstand loads from various directions and keeps the bearing life long, protecting it from wear and vibration. And this special “J fitting” is 100% compatible with any bearings and housings.


In addition to the ball bearings that have been produced for many years, the production of the automatic bearing roller bearings unit was started in 2012. This unit is an integrated unit that is different from the Plumma block and is a long-life unit that is easy to install and withstands more severe conditions. We are confident that we will be able to contribute to the industry in a variety of fields. Our dream is to fully function in the ultimate use environment, such as space and ocean development, and to complete maintenance-free Pillow Block Units.
We will continue to create new value for the changing future and to be able to satisfy the user’s needs 100%.

Company NameFYH INC.
FoundingNovember 4, 1950 (Showa 25)
Capital45 million yen
Head Office587-0022 Hirao 2306, Mihara-ku, Sakai, Osaka
PresidentYasukazu Kobayashi
Number of employees121 persons