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FYH original setscrew

It was named after a bullet-like shape and an image that a bullet collided and the forefront was deformed and spread out.

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The innovative FYH Bullet Point set screw is a one piece ball point set screw which is designed to expand the threads of the screw as the point of the screw contacts the surface of the shaft.

The FYH original bullet point set screw can be locked longer under conditions such as vibration or shock.

The resulting force creates superior holding power especially where vibration is present. Other set screws have larger contact areas with sharp edges at the point of the screw to bite into the shaft. However, these sharp edges damage more easily from vibration which creates a gap between the point of the set screw and the shaft. Once this gap is established, the set screw will begin to loosen.

When the Bullet Point set screw is tightened, the original shape of the point causes the threads of the screw to expand up to and beyond the elastic limit to achieve the maximum possible holding power. The thickness of the point is also designed to expand easily. This specialized design drastically reduces the potential for damage to both the set screw and shaft from normal use or for severe vibration, shock load, and high speed.

Nominal size of screwsTightening torquesN・mPart No. of applicable bearings
M 6X0.754201-206X05305, 306204-207201-206
M 8X18.5270-209X06-X08307208207-209
M 10X1.2517.5210-212X09-X11308, 309210-212

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