Stainless steel series

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Smoother than ever. Water won’t stay.

The redesigned shape and laser marked housings make the surface of our new stainless-steel housings smoother than ever. The flatter surface ensures there is no place for water to pool after washdown.

Stainless steel series02 | FYH INC. Features


The smooth housing and solid base reduce the risk of bacterial growth. Our new stainless units accept both stainless and plastic covers. The plastic covers include a drain hole to allow any water that gets inside the cover to drain out.

All our housings are casted using SCS14 grade stainless steel which is much more corrosion resistant than SCS13 stainless. All of our stainless inserts come packed with H1 food grade grease and are perfect for food and beverage applications.

FYH utilizes our original Floback seal that offers multiple lip protection during washdown.

FYH’s new stainless series is designed to stand up to demanding applications such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical packaging,fertilizer applications and salt spreaders.

BearingInner and outer ringsEquivalent to SUS440C
BallsEquivalent to SUS440C
※ Set screwSUS304

※ Set screws M3, M4 and M5 have a stainless steel coat on SCM435. ※ The material of USP and USFL is SCS13.


  1. 1. Sealed grease Food grade grease (H1 certified)
  2. 2. Internal clearance C3
  3. 3. Specification temperature range of bearings 0 ~ +100℃
  4. 4. Production model number 201X-203X,204-213

We recommend lubricable UCS6 type, If the bearing temperature exceeds 50 degree Cersius.

Stainless steel housing

Stainless steel series03 | FYH INC. Features
Lost wax casting(SUS 304 and 316 equivalents)

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